The importance of secure windows, doors, and sliders.

Secure windows, doors, and sliders are so important to your home. Not only for the prevention of intruders but also to protect from the elements. High humidity levels outside can raise the humidity levels inside your home, leading to damage to your walls, interior doors and door jams, carpet, and wood floors. Secure windows and enclosures can help with the cost of cooling as well. Hot air comes in from unsealed or damaged exterior openings. Prevention and repair of these enclosures can significantly lower your electric bills.
Adams Glass Services

Have it done right... Certified Professional.

A long-standing tradition... "Commitment to excellence." Founded in 2009 by Adam Hall, we have been the driving force behind many glass services companies, by utilizing our service department to best assist their customer's needs. We offer great quality in repair and services direct to the public. Adams Glass Services has close to two decades of experience in glass & glazing including service work such as reglazing impact and non-impact windows and sliding glass doors as well as other repairs. We have a state-wide glazing license which qualifies us to do glass/glazing contractor work in all Florida counties. Adam Glass Services is also certified through PGT on impact windows and changes in the Florida building codes and installations. State Certified Number: #SCC131150698  

Our Services

  • Glass Replacements
  • Window Repairs
  • Slider Glass Door Repairs (Non-Impact)
  • Slider Glass Door Repairs
  • Specialty Glass
  • Custom Glass Tops and Tabletops
  • So Much More!

Latest Projects

Please view our gallery of before and after images of our projects and take a moment to view our recent projects. Adams Glass Services prides itself on customer satisfaction and quality craftsmanship in all the glass work we do.

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